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  • Works even when your computer is off
  • Stand-alone answering machine 
  • Stand-by fax machine
  • Full-duplex speakerphone 

Modem with 

built-in Answering

Machine' Fax' and

Speakerphone for


and SOHOs

    The MessageSaver delivers 56 Internet access, voice messaging, faxing, and full-duplex speakerphone in one small device. This modem provides exciting features, like storing 30 minutes of voice messages or 30 faxed pages even when your computer is off and sophisticated communications software for powerful voice and fax control. The Message Saver is perfect for telecommuters and SOHO users.
  • Consolidates an answering machine, fax machine, modem, and speakerphone into one small desktop device
  • Receives voice messages and faxes even when your computer is off 
  • Downloads files from the Internet or corporate intranets at V90/K56flex 56speeds and uploads files at 33.6K bps
  • Sends and receives faxes at rates up to 14.4K bps using Class I or Class 2 commands 
  • Includes a full-duplex speakerphone, allowing you and a caller to talk and listen at the same time 
  • Provides easy installation with Plug and Play operation under Widows 95,Windows 98, and Window NT
  • Supports U.S. Caller ID reporting 
  • Includes data communication, fax, voice, and other value-added software
  • Provides remote message retrieval and fax-on-demand capabilities 
  • Upgrades easily with built-in flash memory 
  • Features a full-service, ten-year warranty 

Works All the Time

    Most voice messaging and fax modems require that you leave the computer on to receive messages or faxes, which can be unreliable. The Message Saver provides a fully functioning answering and fax machine that receives voice messages and faxes all the time, even when your computer is turned off You get the peace of mind that comes with knowing you won't miss important messages and faxes. 
Stand-Alone Answering Machine
    The full-featured answering machine digitally records incoming voice messages (up to 30minutes) and provides easy message retrieval with labeled function keys. In addition, the Message Saver lets you screenincoming calls with the built-in speaker and listen to yourmessages from a remote location. And, when used with thebundled communications software, you can use Caller ID toreturn calls. 
Stand-By Fax Machine
    Thanks to the Message Saver, which distinguishes between voice and fax calls, you can turn off your computer and not miss incoming faxes. This modem can store up to 30 faxed pages for later retrieval using the bundled software. Plus, you can now send professional faxes from any Windows application.
Professional Quality Speakerphone
    Now you and a caller can talk and listen at the same time-without cutting each other off. Unlike other speakerphones that don ' allow sound to travel in two directions simultaneously, the Message Saver lets you carry on a natural conversation.


    Data: 56K downloading speeds from V.90/K56flexservers
    Fax: 14.4K bps 
    Data: V.90/K56flex enhanced V.34
    Error Correction: V.42Data Compression: MAP Class 5; V.42
    Fax: V.17, Group 3, Class 1 & Class 2
    Voice: AT+V/TAM voice command set 
    Video: V.80
    1 DB-25S (RS-232C/D or V.24)
    1 RJ-11 phone cord 
Operating System Support
    Windows 3.1x, Windows 95, Windows 98,Windows NT
Operating Environment
    Operating Temperature. 32- l 120øF (0-50øC)
    Humidity Range: 20-90 noncondensing 
Physical Description
    4.3" " w x 1.2" " h x 5.8" d; 8 oz
    10.8 cm x 3.0 cm x 14.7 cm; 224 g 
    FCC Part 15B ~ 68; UL1950
Ordering Information 
    Model - MT5634MSV 
    Descripton - Data/Fax/Voice 
    Made in Mounds View, MN, U.S.A.
    This modem uses V90/K56flex modem technology and the Lucent Technologies chipset. 
    Trademarks: MessageSaver, Multi-Tech, & the Multi-Tech logo:
    Multi-Tech Systems, Inc. / K56flex: Lucent Technologies & Rockwell International / Windows & Windows NT: Microsoft Corporation / MNP: Microcom Corporation 

World Headquarters 
Multi-Tech Systems, Inc. 
2205Woodale Drive 
Mounds View, MN55112 U.S.A. 
Tel: (612) 785-3500 or (800) 328-9717
Fax:(612) 785-9874 
Fax Back: (612) 717-5888


U.K. Sales Office Multi-Tech U.K., Ltd.
Unit 1, Thames Court
2 Richfield Avenue 
Reading, Berkshire RG I 8EQ U. K. 
Tel: +(44) 118-959 7774 
Fax:+(44) 118-959 7775 
Multi-Tech Systems, Inc., has sales offices in China, France, Germany, India, the Netherlands, and the United Kingdom. For more information, contact Multi- Tech world headquarters.
Comprehensive Service and Support
    The Multi-Tech commitment to service means we provide a ten-year warranty and lifetime service that includes free telephone technical support and24-hour web site, FTP and BBS- support.

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