Parts Sales

We are a Value Added Reseller. Many things that we sell are only normally sold installed. There are also many items that we will sell over the counter. Please check the list below. Our experience has shown that when we sell motherboards, memory, CPU's, or "cards" such as parallel ports or an internal modem or hard drive "over the counter", for instance, the customer always comes back. For this reason, they are sold "installed". The only way we will sell these "not installed" is if you sign a form that states you take all responsibility including dealing with the manufacturer for any return. We have "been there, done that". The profit margin on computer parts is so little, it just isn't worth it!

Components are too easily burned out by static electricity, wrong connections, or something else. Drivers do not always go in the way they should. Master/Slave and Primary/secondary is not always simple. IRQ conflicts change the rules. Plug and Play becomes plug and pray.

We do not supply parts for you to substitute in your system to determine which components are defective. We do not accept returns as everything we sell is pre-tested. Since they can be easily burned out once they leave the store, we do not accept anything back. If you know what you are doing, there is no need to return anything because you would have purchased the right item the first time. A prime example is the dead computer that you think requires a power supply. Power Supplys sometimes appear dead from a short anywhere in the system.

A complete computer system is backed by our store and we will deal with any warranty issues or other problems as long as the equipment has not been tampered with. We will also sell the following items:

Surge Protectors - (Panamax) and Un-interuptable Power Supplies - (APC) as well as Printers, Monitors, Speakers for sound cards, Keyboards, and Mouse's are commonly sold "over the counter".

Also: Hubs - (SMC, Kingston, 3 COM), Scanners - (Microtek) Printers - (ALPS or Epson), Digital Cameras - (Epson or Kodak) Hard Drive Removable Drawers, Cables, Paper, HP Toners, Gender Changers and Adapters, Network Cables - Patch Cords - Jacks - Plates - etc, Floppy Disks, VHF Video Tapes, Zip Disks, CPU Fans, Satellite Systems - (Hughes).

We will order any available software as long as we install it. The price is an installed price most times. Windows OEM (full version) is sold only with a computer system. We will sell the 98 upgrade installed $160 (you must have earlier version disks so the upgrade will install).

Although we sell some parts or components listed below, that is not our main business.

The Following Parts are sold "over the counter" only with the understanding that you deal with the Manufacturer for any warranty claims. If we install them, we will take care of the warranty.

Floppy Drives (in stock)- (Teac), Hard Drives - (in stock) (Seagate or Maxtor), CD ROM Drives (in stock)/ DVD ROM Drives - (Teac or Creative Labs)

Tape Drives - (Colorado HP), ORB Drives - (Castlewood), Zip and Jazz Drives - (Iomega),

Power Supplies - Various (PS/2 sized AT & ATX usually in stock)

External Modems - Zoom

Cases/Power Supplies - Enlight

The following will definately no longer be sold as individual items because they are so easily destroyed and our experience has proven it:

Motherboards, Memory, CPU chips [We will sell you a barebone system: case w/ps, motherboard and CPU w/fan, memory, tested, but if you blow it up, you deal with the manufacturer]

Cables/ Adapters Commonly in Stock

6 foot IEEE Printer Cable DB25 to Centronics

6 foot Extension DB25 M to F / 6 foot Extension DB25 M to M / 6 foot Extension DB25 F to F

6 foot Extension AT KB M to F

6 foot Extension Serial Mouse DB9 M to F

6 foot Extension PS/2 Mouse / Keyboard M to F

6 foot Modem DB25M to DB9F

6 foot USB Extension M to F

Serial Laplink and Parallel Laplink

Gender Changers: 25 M-M, 25 F-F, 9 M-M, 9 F-F

Adapters for Keyboards PS/2 to AT and AT to PS/2

Adapters: 9F to 25M, 25F to 9M for serial ports

Power "Y adapters" (splitters)

Bulk Cat 5 network cable

Cat 5 patch cables: various lengths