NOTE: This product is no longer available through distribution. We do carry ribbons for our customers who have purchased the printer. The printer is available directly through ALPS in limited quantities.  ALPS has discontinued these because the higher cost and quality technology was not in demand, compared to the lower cost wet type inkjets.

We have been selling ALPS printers which are the finest available. With dry ink, you do not have the problem of ink drying up in the printer for lack of use. Check out ALPS at
Please note: ALPS has announced that the MD series printers is now at the end of the life cycle. The volume is not enough as there are too many cheaper printers.There are some still available though. There are still honoring warranty and supplies are available. (June 2000)

With an astounding 2400 DPI output, the MD-5000 takes your printed materials to a dramatically higher level.  To enhance your creative projects even more, consider our Finish Ink to produce photo-realistic glossy color images, even on plain bond paper!

The MD-5000 gives you brilliant 2400 DPI print quality, unlimited creative choices, and professional printing results all in one simple operation.  With more color, ink and printing options than any other home or office printer, the MD-5000 leads the way in desktop printing.

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