Software Piracy Is THEFT

A copy of someone else's program on your computer is illegal

A copy of your program on someone else's computer is illegal

A copy of software from work is illegal

This applies to Windows operating system as well as applications. Every computer MUST have its own licensed version of DOS or Windows 95/98.

Lending your disks is participating in Software Piracy

You need original disks to reinstall software and you will need to, one day

If you purchase a computer with "pre-installed" software, demand or purchase the licensed disks you are entitled to

Registration numbers are easily read from the Internet. Although no action may come against an individual, you may be called into court (subpoena'd) to explain where your software came from when your serial number is duplicate to others to find and prosecute sources of bootleggers. This will cost you lost time and work.

All New Computers from this store come with original disks and license. Keep them in a safe place where you know where they are. Don't lend them out.