Proposal to PARA

by Lloyd Roach, W3QT


While serving on the Board of Directors, Lloyd drafted a proposal and submitted it to the Technical Committee and Board for consideration. The proposal stated that PARA has always been on top of technology, and because of the declining interest in old technology, PARA should consider a state of the art upgrade by linking all the repeaters together.

The idea was that hams in each quadrant were unaware of other hams on the other PARA repeaters and a station usually was not in a position to monitor all the other repeaters because of the coverage caused by the complicated topography of the large metropolitan area with all the hills and valleys.

The Technical Committee met and discussed this among other plans. It was determined to be a very good plan, however, PARA would have to get each of the quadrants up to par first. It would also rely on obtaining grants to fund it, since PARA's regular funds (from dues) are used to pay phone, electric, and other operating expenses as well as the regular maintenance and replacement of equipment.

In the spring of 2003, Gene, K3DSM, designed the block diagram of the most practical way to impliment "PARALink". Many designs were studies, but the one posted is the most practical.

Grants have been applied for. Although we were led to believe that one might come through from Homeland Security, we found out they were overwelmed with grant requests from police, fire, and other local government projects that seems to take over. Another to PEMA seems to also have slipped into the cracks.


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