PARA's Repeaters:

97 Feasterville: Covers the NorthEast very well

94 West Chester: Co-sponsored with CCAR, Chester County AREA-RACES (see separate announcement) Equipment is located at the Government Services Building in Westtown and a second repeater is located in West Chester Borough at the Hazleth Building's tower. Both systems are functional. The repeaters are maintained and powered by Chester County. This is capable of being linked with the 446.525Mhz CCAR repeater and the 146.985 Mhz repeater in Parksburg.

88 Sellersville: Operating at a temporary site until the new tower is ready.

76: Worcester: This is the Main Transmitter site for 76. The site also has the "receiver selector" (Voting) equipment that receives signals from the remote receivers. The site is equipped with emergency battery powered inverters.PARA rents the site from Carol Allen, the widow of Roy Allen, a former member. Carol donates the rent back to PARA.

76: Valley Forge: (W3PHL) This was formerly the main transmitter site, but now the alternate site. It is equipped with a standby 76 transmitter. The amplifier is awaiting rebuilding. This site also has the 224.94, 443.9, and 52.41 repeaters. This site is donated for PARA's use except for the electric.

82: Camden: This site overlooks Philadelphia and is located on public housing which is donated to PARA.


Pottstown: (cell tower) Equipment has been moved to Eagleville and another package will be made available to replace it in the near future.
Eagleville: Montgomery County EOC site and tower. Better equipment and a new antenna have made this site a primary remote receiver for the 16-76 repeater, equipped with emergency power. This along with the Camden gives 76 excellent ears.
Newtown Square: Equipment swapped and being worked on.
Camden: Covers Philadelphia very well and some suburbs very well as it is part of the skyline
Sellersville::Being worked on and will add new coverage to the North
Valley Forge:16 receive is linked back to Worcester when the Valley Forge transmitter is not in use

Other PARA Repeaters

224.94 Valley Forge - amazing coverage

224.86 Worcester
224.98 Feasterville
443.9 Valley Forge
53.41 Transmitter and receiver at Valley Forge with remote receiver in Boyertown
421.25 - 439.25 Mhz ATV: A real television repeater at Chestnut Hill with excellent coverage

Packet 145.01 and APRS 144.39Mhz:

1272.0-1292.0 Mhz

910.25Mhz to 923.25 Mhz