PARA - CCAR Joint Announcement

The Philadelphia Area Repeater Association (PARA) and Chester County ARES/RACES (CCAR) are pleased to announce a memorandum of understanding where the PARA Paoli 146.94 MHz Repeater will now operate from the Chester County Department of Emergency Services (CCDES) in West Chester, Pennsylvania.

PARA and CCAR have enjoyed many years of association where the PARA Paoli Repeater was either primary or backup repeater for CCAR since being organized. The PARA 146.94 MHz Repeater has operated from Paoli for well over 25 years thanks to the superb technical and administrative efforts of Dick K3ECV. With Dick K3ECV's move from the Paoli area it became necessary for PARA to find a new location for the repeater.

CCAR came forward and offered the CCDES facilities. Discussions were held between the two organizations to establish a formal agreement where both organizations could operate together in mutually beneficial relationship and yet maintain their independence. Details of the agreement will be made available to members of each organization through their respective newsletters and membership meetings.

PARA encourages members in Chester County to become members of CCAR and participate in their activities. CCAR encourages its members to join and support the PARA organization. Both organizations look forward to a long and productive relationship.

You will also notice new call letters, W3EOC, on the 146.94 MHz frequency. W3EOC are the club call letters of CCAR; "EOC" indicating "Emergency Operations Center".

Gene K3DSM, PARA President, Mark KA3VTM, Immediate Past PARA President, and Vern KC3XL, Chester County Emergency Coordinator, jointly released this announcement.