PARA Autopatches

PARA was the first Ham Organization to develope "Auto-Patches" in the Philadelphia Area. The first was on 446-449 Mhz and it was very popular. The second was on 146.76 Mhz and it too was popular and heavily used. Membership suffered when it was off for one reason or another.

Times have changed. Almost everyone has a cell phone. With the costs of phone service that has increased over the years, and with the very minimal use of practical calls that have been made, the Technical Committee and Board has given it less of a priority. Metropolitan Service is too expensive to maintain and the per call use with minimum service has been abused.

It has been the policy in the last few years to make the autopatch codes available only to members.

Codes are published in PARAGraphs only for members. Please do not give them out!

The Autopatch on 146.94 is only made available for emergencies and is not available for routine calls as it uses the County phone system.