Technical Committee Report:

My Technical Committee is operating smoothly and communicating by email on regular basis.
There has been a lot accomplished, yet there is still a lot of work to be done.


97 Feasterville: up and running

94 West Chester: All Equipment Operating well. Still Waiting for answer from ARCC on Allentown interference,
Echo-Link Internet Linking working well - brought some activity back, repeater is linked with Parksburg 146.985 and CCAR 446.525 on Thursday Nights for drills and any other time necessary with the permission of the Board of Directors

88 Sellersville: WB3BJE/R has been up and running since the beginning of April 2003. The temporary package is a Motorola Radius repeater running with no hang time. On Tuesday, October 7, 2003 the new GE MASTR II package was put into operation along with the NHRC Repeater Controller and it's accessories.The package is running 50 watts (by design) has a sensitivity of approximately .12uV. The time-out timer is 30 seconds (default) and there are three ID's programmed......initial, regular and CW. There is still work to be done including a different antenna, different physical location and some programming on the controller. We plan to install the unit along with it's backup package and duplexer in a Motorola outdoor, weather-proof, cabinet.

76: Worcester: New Controller is on and working well; Other site rewiring is still needed; fence work is under way; A new un-interuptible power supply is operating with banks of batteries that will keep this site operating with extended power failures, thanks to Vince.s

76: Valley Forge: no progress on standby transmitter (the amplifier)

82: Camden: up and running very well thanks to Ron Cohen


Pottstown: off temporairly - working equipment moved to Eagleville, another package being prepared for Pottstown
Eagleville: package from Pottstown on here; we now have our equipment off the old tower that's coming down and replacement antennas mounted on the new tower
Newtown Square: Equipment has been back in service and is linking to Worcester to fill the void from the South.
Camden: on line and working very well - better than ever

Sellersville: operating

224.94 up and running - little activity if any
224.86 up and running
224.98 up and running
443.9 up and running- little to no activity
53.41 running except receiver at Boyertown-no audio - little activity
ATV: up and running

Packet: temporairly off