Notes from Technical Meeting 1-29-2000 Douglasville, Pa

NOTE: This was the plan at the time and we may have deviated from it with a better idea or different equipment

Called by K3HLN, Dave Zollers Technical Chairman

Present:K3HLN,K3DSM,K3ITH,W3SOU,N3ATD,N3KKL,WB2B, (some call signs of attendees missing from my list)

President Gene Mitchell called for a 5 year plan from the Technical Committee so the organization would have direction in the coming years.

5 Year Plan

Biggest Priority: 76

Determines membership growth or loss by performance - highest profile of all repeaters - highly watched by ham community

Items: VF Transmitter back on line soon ( capability to instantly switch from VF to Worcester, should one go done)


94 is now an alliance with Chester County AREA RACES with repeater at EOC in West Chester (emergency power equipped)

CCARS might be able to budget "Link" controller in future with DVR

CCARS will look for opportunity to raise antenna if ever possible (Increased power will not make as much difference)

May have possible remote receivers in future (no cost to PARA)

CCARS may be able to provide sites for 16-76 for a backup to their system


Pkg ready in near future (unknown where promise came from - PARA Board unaware of "promise")

Maggiore 220 receiver to be used for control - May need tone controller


Need better site: Sellersville - possibly Nextel site (BXW)

Patch: Not needed anymore - was backup for 76 (no justification)


Voter exists, 2nd receiver easily obtained, Interferrence problem at times No capital from PARA should be needed Old Neshaminy site should be reinvestigated (John says no) ATV Seems to be self sufficient


Antenna to be changed soon - Now completed

Possibly link to 220 ?? (and 2 meters on command??)

Need to look for future site should PHL ever decide to sell QTH


Switch controllers:RC850 with MicroConcepts

Antenna work: does come apart

Need to look for good alternate site when PHL sells QTH


"Quiet" backup site at Worcester Link to ...?

Install antenna


Located at Valley Forge - Look for alternate site when PHL sells QTH

Has voter with remote receiver at Fancy Hill 52.41

Original Amp down (tube) Solid State amp to be ready soon


Main digi at VF (Needs to be moved when 76 VF transmitter returns) Sanatoga not as good -PARA to keep site (no cost, good access)

Good Location needed ASAP

APRS receive to 144.39 relay to be done by APRS users (Muting of tones necessary so as not to drive 76 users off )

This allows mobile to transmit location to APRS frequency while using voice on 76 (burst programable for once every 10 or so minutes)

Lloyds "PARA Link" Plan

A plan to link all the quadrant repeaters together for expanded coverage

Relies on obtaining "Grant (s)" or corporate donations to cover costs (Very expensive, but do-able)

Need someone with expertise in grants and contacts to prepare documents containing information about PARA as maybe grants might be useful for present system updating and replacement of equipment (first draft already prepared by Gene Mitchell)

Need to complete essentials on 76 (16 inputs & 76 at VF) to keep interest of present membership

With increased activity on 94,76, 97, linking needs to be planned so as not to upset present users-members

more of a switch to link on rather than switch link off

Other Technology

Discussion of cell phone modification to 902mhz and even wireless phones for future projects/links/etc.

Discussion of spread spectrum project.

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