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Philadelphia Area Repeater Association, Inc

P.O. Box 64, Valley Forge, Pa 19481-0064 A non-profit 501C3 Corporation
An ARRL affiliated Club
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Next Meeting: Wednesday May 20, 2015

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Every Tuesday Night at 8 PM on 146.76 Mhz (PL 131.6)

Open to all hams - informal discussions on ham equipment, ham activities, computers, computer problems, gadgets, equipment for sale, and anything else you want to share or hear about.

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The ATV Group is still somewhat active. Give a listen and a shout out on the 144.34mhz intercom


Our History

The Main Line VHF Association was reorganized November 1, 1967 and operated the 34-76 repeater, later 34-94 / The Los Voyagers operated the 28-76 repeater, later 28-88. PARA was born Dec 7, 1970 at the GE Space Center in King of Prussia where both clubs merged. There were over 300 hams at this meeting. The 16-76 repeater with an autopatch was born out of this meeting when Gene K3DSM demonstrated his 446 repeater with autopatch.. PARA continued to operate a 34-94 and 28-88 repeater. Within the next years, a repeater group from Jersey merged adding the 22-82 repeater and then a group merged from the Feasterville area adding the 37-97 repeater. The Quadrant idea was formed to take traffic off the 76 repeater and onto the quadrant repeaters. In 2010, PARA dropped the 88 and 97 repeaters due to lack of interest.


President: Gene K3DSM

Vice President: Robert NX3S

Secretary open

Treasurer Caterina KB3POA

Board: W3CQC Tom, open, W3GSC Hank, AB3O Asa

Meetings: May & November

Next Meeting: Wednesday May 20, 2015 730PM


Tuesday November 10, 2015

(see above for program)

New Location Map: Lower Providence Township Building, 100 Parklane Drive, Eagleville, Pa 19403 (Norristown in some GPS)


1. From King of Prussia, take Rt. 202 South to Rt. 422 West to the Oaks Exit. Then, at the exit ramp turn Right onto Egypt Road and take the second Left onto Pinetown Road.

2. Go to the second stop sign and turn Left onto Eagleville Road.

3. Go to the traffic light at Ridge Pike and proceed straight into the Lower Providence Township property; bare right and follow the driveway to the township building which is beyond the public library.

Talk-in on 76

Program for May 20, 2015

see above

Bring your favorite "Toy" to show off

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Public Service

PARA repeaters are used for ARES-RACES as well as other public service events like the LiveStrong Bike Race, Valley Forge Revolutionary Run (April) to coordinate race communication. PARA is also promoting Ham Radio at the Kimberton Hamfest as well as promoting Ham Radio at service clubs such as Rotary Club Meetings.

Coming Soon:

more input locations and transmitter repairs for better coverage

Under Consideration: EchoLink, DVR, D-Star

Next Meeting


Program listed above

Supporting 8 Amateur Radio Repeaters and 7 Links
serving the entire Philadelphia Area
for Hobby and Emergency Communications
PARA's "Flag-Ship" Repeater System: 146.76 Mhz W3PHL
with transmitters at Valley Forge Mountain and Worcester, PA
Remote Receivers: Valley Forge, Eagleville, Worcester, Sellersville, Bacton Hill, Newtown Square, & Camden, NJ
Section Repeaters:
Phila West: West Chester, Pa 146.94 Mhz
Phila East: Camden, NJ 146.82 Mhz
VHF Repeater: 52.41-53.41Mhz
VVHF Repeaters: 223.86 Mhz, 224.94 Mhz
UHF Repeater: 443.9 Mhz
ATV Repeater: 439.25 Mhz
PARA is looking for Private and/or Public Grants to maintain, update, and expand this system.
Corporate membership sponsors wanted - Certificate


General Membership Meeting Information:
see above
      * All members encouraged to attend
      * Non Members (guests) encouraged to attend
      * Members of other clubs encouraged to attend
* Talk-in on 146.760 Mhz
* New Member Incentives
* Meeting starts at 730PM

PARAGraphs is PARA's membership bulletin
Editor/Publisher: Dick Stewart K3ITH
archives: Spring 2012 October 2012 Spring 2013
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  • Board Meetings: (as necessary)

    PARA's Board is made up of 5 directors at large, plus Officers: President, Vice President, Rec Secretary, Treasurer, elected from/by members at large

    The PARA Constitution and By-Laws were amended in 2010. Board members are now elected from membership at large rather than quadrants. There are now only 5 board members plus officers. Specific changes are on page 16 of the document, half way down. Click for Revised Edition

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    [ Original Para Site at Berwyn ]

    PARA at Berwyn Roller Rink ( 1969-70)

    One of PARA's first locations serviced the entire Phila area

    Note the duplexers on top of the rack and the mechanical code ID wheel in the upper right.

    Tribute to W3PHL Fred

    WWW.W3PHL.ORG is hosted on (Chester County, Pa) within the website of Gene's Computer Outlet
    Domain Forwarding is used to re-direct the domain