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Amateur Radio Station  K3DSM

Gene Mitchell Chester County, PA USA

Licensed continuously since April 1958

From Merion to Devon to Kimberton to Malvern, and now:

700 feet Elevation in Honey Brook

K3DSM operated one of the first repeaters and autopatches in the East - read the story

President: Philadelphia Area Repeater Association (a 501 C (3) non profit)

Ham Radio (Amateur Radio)

Ham Radio Operators Talk to the World on Short Wave Radio and around town on UHF & VHF frequencies

Improving World Relations, developing technologies, and Providing Emergency Communications in times of disasters

Ham Radio is a hobby for communications and experimenters. Talk to the world by radio from your car, home, office, or handheld walkie talkie. Use voice, data, or television. Hams are licensed by the Federal Communications Commission. Ham radio has been allowed to exist because of its value for developements of the communications spectrum and other technologies as well as its capabilities in providing emergency communications in times of NATIONAL and Natural Disasters such as Earthquakes, Floods, Forest Fires, and even the 9-11 disaster and Shuttle disaster parts recovery. There is no age limit. Only a simple test of the FCC rules, basic communications skills, and some simple technical knowledge is required to obtain a license. No Morse Code is required. It's Fun! It's Exciting! It's Valuable! It's Educational!


Tune into WCHE-1520Khz for Computer Corner with host: Gene Mitchell - K3DSM on Saturday Mornings from 8 - 9 AM (Ham Radio is mentioned often) Listen to the Stream at www.5DRadio.com for an extra half hour.