More thoughts (12-11-2014) One of my favorite activities was mountain climbing while there. I climbed almost every mountain around that the camp had trips for. Major, Belnap, Chocorua, Washington, Bond, and numerous others. I did many canoe trips like the Crooked River and Lake Wentworth.

One of the interesting things that intriges me is that the different generations of campers and councilors that went through there had little knowledge of what other generations experienced because of events or change of councilors. For instance, most of the postings on Jay Moores page are related to the post 1970 period. During my era, we had sailboats like the Comet, in fact at least 3 of them. These were great boats that were never replaced when the shed in which there were stored in over the winter collapsed. Also during my period, water was drawn from the lake. Later, a well was put in. In my early years, we didn't have the upper baseball field above the beach. We didn't have cabins G, H,&I until about 1962. We didn't have hot showers either until the early 60's.

Some of my fonest memories were of the special councilors such as Mel King, Bill McClellan, Ray Jones, Bill Smith, Rev Acton. Ollie Dean and Bill King came later while there and these were super people. We had singing every morning with Bill McClellan playing the piano and I remember he added some humor to his playing. Ray Jones headed the Archery program. Ollie Dean's claim to fame was for his scheduling of activities as well as Scuba Diving. Bill Smith ran the original boat, the Griffin (Chris Craft). It died during one of my later years.

Oh, by the way, I think I was the first to ever have a TV there at camp. I brought one from home and remember at least the station from top of Mt Washington that I received very well. I think that led to Don Boyer setting one up later on.

Another thought crossed my mind: telephone service in my early days there - the camp was on a party line and I remember the phone number 665W3. The W3 stood for 3 rings as the camp's signal to pickup.

Oh, I got to tell you - my generation saw a great maintenance man there full time. Frank Munroe. He lived just a mile from the camp. He could fix anything. I don't think the camp ever had an outside constractor come in while he was there. He was the one who shoveled the snow off the roofs during the winter.

Then I want to give mention to Rodney Gott. I think he was once a camper but I remember him better from the laundry detail. He had a brother Peter who was councilor. I tried to contact him by Facebook but he didn't remember me. Oh well.

My mind is still quite sound so far but I don't know for how long. I had a bi-lateral hip replacement 4 years ago and it turns out the one metal that its made of is poisoning me (cobalt). At least 2 surgeries are in my near future and I am somewhat scared of what they are telling me.

I am somewhat intrigued by "The Chief" and the Rocket Club in the years after I left.

I know I am rambling but just wanted to put my memories into words while I can.