Camp DeWitt Information

Clinton DeWitt Park, the founder of Camp DeWitt, worked for 35 years at Fay School in Mass. as Master and Director of Athletics before retiring in 1946 to devote full time to the Camp which was founded in 1924.

Donald Boyer, who was a science teacher at the Haverford School, in Haverford, Pa was a special person. He was responsible for recruiting almost 70 percent of the campers from the Phila suburban area including myself. He kept 16 mm movie records of most of the activities all summer and each summer. I estimate he came to DeWitt in 1951. He was in charge of Fishing, Swimming and Trips, as well as a senior staff member. He especially looked out after the boys from Phila. In about 1962 or thereabouts, C D Park became very ill and Donald Boyer was given the opportunity to purchase the camp through a corporation setup which was formed. He then became very active as owner-director as well as making major improvements.

Last updated Oct 16, 1997