Chester County Night School

Welcome Class of 2010 !

Classes are on hold for me this year due to hip problems.

Watch right here for any changes due to weather.
I will post anything that you need to know:


Building & Understand Your Own Computer: Tuesdays $75 at the Great Valley Middle School Rm 102 7-9 PM Class starts March 25 th and runs to April 15th

The second course "Fixing Broken Windows" or When Windows Freezes will be a great opportunity to understand Windows, to find out what goes wrong, and how to fix it, including dealing with the latest infections. This class also at Great Valley Middle School Rm 102 from 7-9 PM Class starts April 22 for 2 weeks.

Direct Link to School Page for signup, directions, and other information


Gene teaches "Night School" in the fall and in the Spring. One course is "Build and Understand Your Own Pentium Computer". Most students take this course to learn about their system rather than build one. Some take the course so they might be able to upgrade their computer. Another course is "Fixing Broken Windows". The school gives it a fancier name: When Windows Freezes or Other Computer Woes..

The "Build" course covers alot of technical information so you can choose what is the right computer or expansion equipment for yourself. You will learn the differences between AT, ATX, and proprietary equipment and why major manufacturers computers can not be upgraded to the next generation. You will learn how the computer operates and the pitfalls of building one. At least one
computer will be assembled by the instructor over the course of the class and students are given the option of building your own during or after the class completes at the store if the parts are purchased from Gene's. If you purchase parts elsewhere, I can still help you, but I charge $75 per hour to either supervise the building of it, build it, or troubleshoot your problems.

We cover the differences from the original 8088 PC/XT right up to the latest Celerons and Pentium 3's and 4s.

There is no obligation to build a computer, nor will you be confronted with advertising.

Students will be able to handle a "blown out motherboard, CPU, memory, and other key components". The motherboard was blownout by a former student who didn't believe how critical the proper handling actually is. You will see the insides of a hard drive and learn how it operates and why it crashes. You will also learn what makes the motherboard tick. You will see the different generations of computers and learn the differences. Different types of expansion cards will
be shown to the class so you can learn the differences. You will learn about different types of memory and why you can't just buy memory upgrades from a superstore. You will also learn about the different connector types.

Since static electricity can easily destroy new components, the instructor will be the only person to actually build and handle the working computer. It is assembled over the 4 weeks, although it only takes about a 1/2 hour to normally build one. The Windows installation and the Hard drive details is in a combined classduring the 4th week, usually takes an hour including installing the drivers. You will learn how to install/re-install Windows correctly.

Much of the class is information about what to choose, how it works, and the pitfalls of building your own computer. Note: you will not save money by building a computer, but you will have a much higher quality computer, compared to all the low cost "junk" on the market today.

Note that the new middle school is just to the left of the high school on Phoenixville Pike, just off Rt 401.

I am usually there about 630PM.

The course always fills fast so you must be quick to sign up when the brochure comes out. Classes usually start mid- Sept and the beginning of March.

There is an optional final test and a great review. It is not done in class time. Those who complete it and submit it per instructions will get a certificate. Details will be given in class. Click here for the FINAL TEST. The ANSWERS will be available from information given in the last class so other classes don't see them prematurely.

You can write the school if you do not get a catalog in January/February or August at:
Chester County Night School, 21 West Washington St, Suite B, West Chester, Pa 19380
Phone 610-692-1964

I have been teaching Chester County Night School for for about 15 -16 years and also for Main Line School Night for 1 year before that. I have taught a class at the Exton Library as well. I enjoy teaching this class and give it the best attention possible.

The schedule for "Building Your Own Computer" is:


Week 1 Course outline, block diagrams, basics, definitions, see different generations of motherboards, difference between AT and ATX and proprietary equipment

Week 2 Motherboards and Memory in detail

Week 3 Display cards, Monitors, Serial, Parallel, & game ports, modems, controllers, USB, Sound Cards, Floppy and CD ROM Drives,

Week 4 Hard Drives including actually installing it (see the inside of it). Windows XP will also be installed

The classes are very popular. They are limited to 12 per class. They book quickly and you must respond quickly.

When Windows Freezes

or "Fixing Broken Windows" as I like to call it, covers first, what makes up Windows, and second, what goes wrong. We then cover all the ways to attempt repairs. We use the same logic, just like used by a technician who would repair your computer.

If school is cancelled because of weather, then Night school is also cancelled. You can check this page for cancellation and makeup information. You can also reach me at 610-644-3633 (at store) during the day unless weather is really bad. I can usually update this page on short notice as long as power is available and the Internet works.